The Friendly Staff at St. Philip's Preschool in Frisco





St. Philip's Episcopal Preschool Staff

Administrative Team

Director: Mrs. Autumn Chavez
214-387-4700 ext 123

Business Manager: Mrs. Tammie Belknap
214-387-4700 ext 122

Receptionist: Mrs. Jennifer Mangan

Faculty and Staff

Each class has a Lead Teacher and a Co-Teacher. All Teachers and Co-Teachers are certified in first aid and CPR. All faculty are required to receive at least 15 CEU/Training hours per year. All teachers meet one or more of the following qualifications and are placed in positions that reflect their experience, expertise and giftedness:

  • College degree and state certification
  • College education and at least two years teaching experience
  • State Preschool Certified and two years teaching experience
  • Greater than two years experience teaching in a Preschool environment

24-month Class

Little Lambs

  • Ms. Ebony
  • Ms. Kristen

Peaceful Pandas

  • Ms. Gina
  • Ms. Laurel

30-month Classes

Eager Elephants

  • Ms. Amy
  • Ms. Maritza

Happy Hedgehogs

  • Ms. Amy
  • Ms. Maritza

Playful Puppies

  • Ms. Cheril

Curious Kittens

  • Ms. Cheril
  • Ms. Megan W.


Three-Year Old Classes

Buddy Bears

  • Ms. Stacie J.
  • Mr. Shelley

Marvelous Monkeys

  • Ms. Joy
  • Ms. Sheri/Ms. Ebony

Joyful Giraffes

  • Ms. Kim
  • Ms. Megan H.

Fantastic Foxes

  • Ms. Cindy
  • Ms. Stacy O.

Four-Year Old Classes

Fabulous Frogs

  • Ms. Cindy
  • Mr. Josh

Busy Bees

  • Ms. Carol-Ann
  • Ms. Melissa

Fantastic Fireflies

  • Ms. Carol-Ann

Terrific Tigers

  • Ms. Alison
  • Ms. Megan W.

Brilliant Butterflies

  • Ms. Leslie
  • Ms. Laura

Zany Zebras

  • Ms. Carolyn
  • Ms. Jennifer


Transitional Kindergarten


  • Ms. Jamie
  • Ms. Debbie


Area Specialists

Music and Movement

  • Ms. Rhiannon

Chapel & Bible Stories

  • Ms. Jena

Physical Education

  • Ms. Kari

Investigation Station

  • Ms. Dawn

Child-Teacher Ratios & Class Sizes

2 to 3 year old class 1 teacher per 5 students

Two loving teachers who specialize in working with our youngest students are with no more than nine children in one of our smaller, cozy classrooms. An enclosed bathroom in these classrooms is excellent for taking care of diapering needs and encouraging children towards independent pottying.

3 to 4 year old class 1 teacher per 8 students

A smaller classroom for children needing intentional encouragement for Potty Training has space for no more than 12 students. Our two larger classrooms will have a maximum of 15 students with two teachers. Both these classrooms are equipped with a restroom and the teachers expect to assist children with the occasional accident. However, children are expected to be well on their way to being fully potty trained.

4 to 5 year old class 1 teacher per 9 students

Each of these classrooms is equipped for up to eighteen students with two teachers.

Transitional Kindergarten 1 teacher per 10 students

Our Transitional Kindergarten classroom is equipped to handle 20 students with two teachers.