Business Office

Administrative Team

Autumn Chavez
Autumn Chavez

Preschool Director
214-387-4700 ext 123

Tammie Belknap
Tammie Belknap

Business Manager
214-387-4700 ext 122

Jennifer Mangan
Jennifer Mangan



Faculty & Staff

Each class has a Lead Teacher and a Co-Teacher. All teachers and co-teachers are certified in first aid and CPR. All faculty members are required to receive at least 24 CEU/Training hours per year. All teachers meet one or more of the following qualifications and are placed in positions that reflect their experience, expertise, and giftedness:

  • College degree and state certification
  • College education and at least two years teaching experience
  • State Preschool Certified and two years teaching experience
  • Greater than two years experience teaching in a Preschool environment
Preschool Staff 2018-19

School Board

Clint Bedsole, Board Member, President

Victoria Wind, Board Member, Vice-President

Emily Hill, Board Member, Secretary

Catherine Cook, Board Member, Treasurer

Abby Mitchell, Board Member

Bill Ringler, Board Member

Michael Dehnisch, Board Member

Michelle Stadel, Board Member

Molly Brown, Board Member

Nancy Bouajram, Board Member

Peter Gruber, Board Member

Wesley Love, Board Member

Autumn Chavez, Preschool Director / Head of School

Clayton Elder, Vice-Rector

Greg Methvin, Rector

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Questions or concerns regarding St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool?