Business Office

Administrative Team

Beth Sarey

Preschool Director
214-387-4700 ext 123

Tammie Belknap

Assistant Director
214-387-4700 ext 122

Jennifer Mangan



Faculty & Staff

Each class has a Lead Teacher and a Co-Teacher. All faculty and staff are certified in first aid and CPR. All faculty and staff members are required to receive at least 24 CEU/Training hours per year. Lead teachers meet one or more of the following qualifications and are placed in positions that reflect their experience, expertise, and giftedness:

  • College degree and/or state certification
  • College education and at least two years teaching experience
  • State Preschool Certification and at least two years teaching experience
  • Greater than two years experience teaching in a Preschool environment

School Board

Evan McKee, Board Member, President

Melissa Crouch, Board Member, Vice-President

Ryon Orendain, Board Member, Secretary

Andrea Mooney, Board Member, Treasurer

John Hudson, Board Member

Lee Shaw, Board Member

TJ McCoy, Board Member

Beth Sarey, Preschool Director / Head of School

Rev. Canon Michael Gilton, Rector

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Questions or concerns regarding St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool?